Widest range of Metal Finishing & Deburring Machines in the World

Highest Standards

At Ellesco we set the highest standards to take care of our customers, ensuring every request is dealt with in the most efficient way possible. We want you to be satisfied with your machine, but also feel you can rely on us afterwards.


Ellesco’s warehouse has a variety of new and used machines, in stock, and ready for delivery or trial, but if it’s not in our stock list it doesn’t mean we are unable to supply it as we are members of a world-wide dealer network. Please contact us if you require machinery that’s not on our stock list, for a specific application.


Our machines supply solutions for many deburring, finishing and cleaning problems throughout the metal and manufacturing industries. But we can also put your mind at ease with our service contracts and exhaustive spares, and consumables stock after you have purchased a machine.


Our team of fully qualified engineers are here to help you by providing assistance in the correct machinery selection, commissioning, training and engineering support with our service contracts –enabling a smooth installation and service throughout.

Machine Solutions

At Ellesco, our talented professional team is at your disposal

providing high quality service and expertise.

Deburring Flat

Supplying a wide range of machines to deburr, grain, brush, polish, clean your sheet metal parts plate or, indeed, anything that can be presented flat. Ellesco understands how to achieve a clean smooth finish or edge every time…


Deburring Shaped

With an exhaustive portfolio of equipment for deburring, graining, brushing, polishing, weld dressing, cleaning and even machining without burrs in the first place, Ellesco can offer solutions for every production finishing problem (almost!)


Edge Radiussing

Edge radiussing is an important part of the manufacturing process. In addition to preparing your component for the next stage whether that’s painting, plating, assembly or just handling, it ensures consistency and safety.


Machinery for the removal of very heavy burrs from Oxy-Acetylene Cutting, Plasma Cutting and Drilling. Removal with or without surface grinding.


Laser Oxide Removal

Not only can we remove the slag from laser- and plasma-cutting, but brushes have been developed to fit our standard machines which will remove any residual oxide layer from the vertical cut face; and smooth off the rough surfaces generated by water-jet cutting.


Graining Flat

Whether for decorative or functional reasons, our equipment can generate finishes with straight, swirled or random effects. Controllable, consistent and repeatable.


Graining Shaped

Often the requirement is to finish a product after it has been worked, formed and welded. However careful your process, damage will occur to surfaces. Ellesco has solutions to repair and match original finishes whether machine or manually produced, or generate a finish on a completed item.


Our polishing machines can be supplied for flat sheet or widely varying shaped components. At Ellesco, our fully automated machines can deliver a high quality but always consistent finish every time for every component.


Calibrating using our wide belt machines is cost effective, faster than stone grinding, cooler than milling, heavier cuts than fly-cutting and better than 0.001” flatness and parallel on 2x1m plate. And it still produces a short scratch finish suitable for leak-free metal to metal contact.


Weld Dressing

Where weld has built up to join areas together, it is usual to return the join and surrounding heat-affected zone to the original dimensions, original finish and to blend the adjacent areas and weld. Ellesco has machinery from “white finger” vibration free, power-to-the-elbow workshop machines to fully-automated lights-out systems complete with internal quality control and materials handling.


Ellesco isn’t restricted to metal working. Over the 40 years we have supplied machines, many of our processes have been applied to non-metals, sometime in the most innovative ways. Try us, we’ve probably developed the solution before.