Slaggrinding & Laser Oxide Removal

Heavy duty, robust machines designed for the removal of very heavy burrs from Oxy-Acetylene Cutting, Plasma Cutting and Drilling.

Whilst vertical slag/ burr removal is the primary function of the Ellesco machinery, secondary operations can be added to the same process: e.g. edge rounding and oxide layer removal from the vertical face. Operations take place with or without surface grinding (which leaves the rolling scale in place to minimise weld spatter sticking).

When laser-cutting in air an oxide layer builds up on the cut face. Subsequent coating stick to the oxide layer which, when it becomes detached in use, leaves the base material exposed resulting in patchy finishes or worse, exposure to corrosion.

Ellesco offers a wide variety of machines to carry out the oxide removal process, with machines from light to heavy duty, or small to high volume.

And integral with the oxide removal can be edge breaking, rounding or full radiussing; all in one through-feed package.