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Laser Oxide Removal

From Laser Oxide Removal to Calibrating & Tolerance Grinding, Ellesco machines do the best job on all Ellesco metal finishing applications.

Removing oxide layers and anodised layers

Oxide skin occurs on metal surfaces and stainless steel when oxygen is used during the laser cutting process. Although the oxide layer is protecting the aluminium surface from corrosion, it must be removed for subsequent powder coating processes or welding.

Not only can we remove the slag from laser- and plasma-cutting, but brushes have been developed to fit our standard machines which will remove any residual oxide layer from the vertical cut face; and smooth off the rough surfaces generated by water-jet cutting.

Laser-Precision Cutting Oxide Layers

When laser-cutting in air an oxide layer builds up on the cut face. Subsequent coating stick to the oxide layer which, when it becomes detached in use, leaves the base material exposed resulting in patchy finishes or worse, exposure to corrosion. Ellesco offers a wide variety of machines to carry out the oxide removal process, with machines from light to heavy duty, or small to high volume. And integral with the oxide removal can be edge breaking, rounding or full radiussing; all in one through-feed package.

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Removal of the laser oxide skin

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Edge Radiussing and Laser Oxide removal