We have an extensive range of commonly required parts, some for machines dating back to the 1970’s; we’ve never had to scrap a machine because a repair wasn’t possible.

There are many variations of parts as the various suppliers learn from experience and tweak designs.

Then there are the parts manufacturer change, driven by cost reduction programs and the availability of modern materials or improved design.

There are also really obscure parts which, if we’ve had difficulty sourcing one for a customer, we try and keep another on the shelf.

And we have spares packages for specific and bespoke machines, held on call-off or in bonded store.

And not all parts have to be new: bigger items, such as Timesavers’ contact rollers can be refurbished. And many proprietary parts can be returned for refurbishment, repair and recalibration.

Rest assured, we supply the correct pieces for the job.