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Deburring Flat

Machinery for removing the vertical portion of a burr for a clean, smooth finish on components that are flat, or can be presented flat. Ellesco offers machinery that deburrs in the dictionary sense or that which can be finely controlled to an exact specification.


Deburring Shaped

Where burrs and edges take on a third dimension we have machinery for removing even the largest burrs to a smooth, controlled, consistent finish; whether deep inside a machined component, or around an awkward corner. Deburring can be in the dictionary sense or finely controlled to an exact specification.


Edge Radiussing

When is an edge radiussed? Many modern cutting techniques leave a burr-free square edge, but this in itself is and, therefore considered a burr. We have machinery designed to just about break the edge right through to a quantifiable chamfer or radius of, perhaps, millimetres if that’s what is required.



Machinery for the removal of very heavy burrs from Oxy-Cutting, Plasma Cutting and Drilling. Removal with or without surface grinding (leave scale on to prevent weld spatter sticking), with or without edge breaking or radiussing.


Laser Oxide Removal

Laser cutters have two choices, shroud the cutting process in a relatively inert gas preventing oxide being formed or cut in air and deal with the oxide layer as necessary. The former is cleaner but slower and more costly to run, the latter quicker, and cheaper. But where oxide has to be removed Ellesco have consumables that have been developed for our range of machines, to specifically remove oxide layers.


Graining Flat

(Or surfaces that can be presented flat). The old true-ism is that just one scratch rejects a part, but several million make it look good. We have machines for generating straight scratches, swept finishes, random DA type swirls or our own unique non-directional rain. These can be rough or smooth, generated by abrasive belt, abrasive brush or nylon web material. And they can be short or long, continuous if required.


Graining Shaped

Nearly everything we can do flat, we can do on a shaped component.
Where straight graining is required, blending in with neighbouring faces can require directionally programmable machinery, or the finish can be made random for subsequent hand finishing. Finishes can be rough or smooth, generated by abrasive belt, abrasive brush or nylon web material. And they can be short, long or continuous as required.



Polishing is simply abrading a surface with finer and finer grits until the finish takes on a highly reflective appearance. The grits are applied with ever softer mops which can work on large, wide areas simultaneously, controlled specific areas, or the whole component can be buried in the mop, so called “mushing”. The ultimate ‘Super 8’ finish, so popular in the Far East is a highly specialised version of the commercial finishes usually found in the UK, involving discs and underwater operation.



If the correct abrasive mineral is specified, travelling at the correct speed, is held against the surface with the correct pressure, there is enough power to do the job, the control system is flexible to monitor and maintain the process, and the machine is rigid enough, high stock removal rates of hard material, to extraordinarily tight tolerances can be maintained. Sanding paper has come a long way, and few people realise just how far.


Weld Dressing

Fabrications are put together often with nicely finished stainless steel. They get scratched and disfigured with weld spatter as a result to say nothing of the mismatched grain direction, heat affected zone staining and lumpiness of the welds themselves. We have the solutions to clean up surfaces, match the grain you have, orientate the grain in the direction you want and blend the weld seamlessly into the surrounding surfaces. Manually or automatically.



We are not restricted to metal. Over the past years many customers have come to asking us to grain, polish, deburr, calibrate, and radius all manner of non-metallic substances. As a result we have an extensive database of both knowledge and machines in the field processing all manner of non-metallic products, some quite obscure. Ask. We may already have supplied machinery for the same job.


Our people are friendly and approachable, if you have any questions regarding our services don’t hesitate to contact us.


At Ellesco we work as a team to ensure all your needs are met, aiming for 100% customer satisfaction.


We back up all our machinery supplies with our own UK based technicians (factory trained contractors in Ireland), consumables and spares, either on an ‘ad hoc’ basis or on contract.


Even our used machines have been mechanically reconditioned to provide you with a high quality solution for your component.