Over many years customers have spotted, explored and exploited the potentials of Ellesco’s machinery and used it to their advantage on materials other than metal.
Ever curious, Ellesco has worked with them and because of our diverse range of machines and techniques we have become acknowledged experts in various niche fields as we have assisted customers to find solutions using our machines; with great success.

  • Carbon: brushes, crucibles, bursting discs, railway pantographs, smelting hearths<
  • Plastics: aircraft cabin and cockpit windows, flooring tiles and sheet, insulation, armaments, shower trays
  • Rubber: shoe-sole material, flooring
  • Slate: building material, decorative housewares
  • Wood veneers: prestige boat and car trims
  • Paper: automatic gearbox friction material, electrical insulation
  • Phenolics: electrical insulation
  • GRP: electrical insulation, shower trays
  • Resin bonded stone and Corian® : shower trays, building cladding
  • Sisal: dart boards
  • Friction material: vehicle brakes and clutches
  • Ceramic: pottery kiln stands

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