Timesavers 22-Series 22-900-W

Timesavers 22-Series 22-900-W

New 22-900-W


In stock, suitable for deburring of vertical slag and burrs, and graining of sheet and components:

  • 900 mm working width (max)
  • 1-125mm material thickness (thinner with care)
  • Digital readout with “dial-in” thickness setting
  • Variable throughfeed conveyor speed 2.5-14m/min
  • Single abrasive belt
  • Two speed main motor
  • Automatic abrasive belt oscillation and tracking
  • Main motor disc brake
  • Ammeter

NB Requires 1500 m³/hr at 150mm w.g. dust extraction. Please take note of ATEX and Aluminium Grinding regulations if applicable. Ellesco can advise and supply.

Other machine variants available to order (dust extraction requirements also change):

  • Heavier duty machines
  • 1050mm and 1300 working widths
  • WW or WWW: twin or triple abrasive belts
  • WB: abrasive belt plus brush (nylon web, nylon bristle, slashed abrasive and/or wire)
  • BB: twin brush.
  • WWB or WBB: twin belt + brush or belt + twin brushes
  • WWB-s Slaggrinding specification
  • WRd: abrasive belt + rotary disc
  • WMd or WMdMd: abrasive belt + single or twin multi-disc head