VG Machines New T-200-K

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VG Machines New T-200-K

VG Machines New T-200-K

New T-200-K

In stock, suitable for removal and deburring of vertical slag and burrs and graining of sheet, bar and components:

  • 200 mm working width (max)
  • 0-200 mm material thickness
  • Digital readout of thickness setting
  • Two speed conveyor 5 and 10 m/min
  • Single abrasive belt
  • Frequency controlled abrasive belt speed 5-18 m/sec
  • Ammeter on abrasive belt head

NB Requires 1150 m³/hr at 150 mm w.g. dust extraction. Please take note of ATEX and Aluminium Grinding regulations if applicable. Ellesco can advise and supply.

Other T-Series machine variants available to order (dust extraction requirements also change):

  • Narrower and wider machines available
  • Heavier and lighter duty machines
  • Multiple “K” type abrasive belt (K)orin i.e. “grit” heads
  • Multiple “B” type cylinder (B)rush heads
  • Multiple “TB” cup brush and/ or disc (T)op (B)rush heads
  • Higher powers
  • Frequency controlled conveyor speed
  • Wet working